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The Vlasov equation is used for the modelling of a wide range of phenomena occurring in natural and man-made plasmas, as well as in other many-particle systems that display a collective behaviour. This workshop aims to provide an up-to-date programme for all scientists working in the field of Vlasov theory and related applications. Cross-disciplinary contributions are especially encouraged.

Financial support for PhD students and (to a limited extent) postdocs will be availabe. See "Important dates" for instructions on how to apply.

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  • Basic colllisionless plasma physics                                       

  • Computational and mathematical approaches

  • Space and astrophysical plasmas         

  • Magnetic and inertial confinement fusion plasmas                                          

  • Self-gravitating systems

  • Plasmonics and solid-state plasmas



JPP Special issue: DEADLINE EXTENSION: March 15, 2020

Submissions to the Special Issue of Journal of Plasma Physics "The many facets of the Vlasov equation" are now open. Details can be found here.

Talks and posters can be uploaded and dowloaded here.

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